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Founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world, WeTransfer has since grown into an ecosystem of creative productivity tools. The company’s suite of tools is specifically designed for creative professionals, enabling collaboration, co-creation and client management across their workflow process. As a certified B Corporation™, WeTransfer has long been a champion of using business as a force for good. The company famously donates 30% of its advertising real estate to raise awareness for artists and creative work. ______ WeTransfer Advertising When you advertise with WeTransfer, you show up next to the world’s biggest ideas, with expertly-crafted ads people want to see. We’ve staked out a premium space that puts your brand in front of the world’s most influential audiences. From arresting visuals to immersive digital experiences, WeTransfer campaigns shatter the mold of advertising. Delivering your message to the people that matter — for a brand experience they won’t forget.

Secteurs adressés

Fashion, Beauty & Luxury
Banking & Insurance
Mobility, Travel & Hospitality
Healthcare & Wellness
Consulting & Agencies
Data, IT & Cybersec
Food & Beverage
Media, Telco & Entertainement
SAAS & Tech
Cities & Properties

Fonctions adressés

Directeur Marketing
Directeur Digital et performance digitale
Directeur IT / CTO / Cloud Directeur Cybersec / RSSI
Directeur de l'engagement / Performance Sociale
Directeur RSE / Sustainability / CSR
Directeur Formation / eLearning
Directrice de la Gestion Immobilière