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AXA Climate


AXA Climate is an AXA Group entity dedicated to climate and environmental adaptation. Its conviction? Reducing negative impacts on the planet is not enough. The challenge is now to engage businesses in the path of a regenerative economy. With this in mind, AXA Climate offers more than 40 hours of digital training to businesses and public and educational organizations, in order to support their employees in the evolution of their jobs. Today, more than 90 organizations have joined the Climate School, making it accessible to more than 4 million people worldwide. AXA Climate advises the agri-food, industry, finance and public service sectors to successfully adapt and have a positive impact on the planet. Finally, thanks to parametric insurance, it enables businesses and populations to be compensated within hours when they suffer the consequences of hazards linked to climate change, and in so doing it contributes to the resilience and regeneration of our ecosystems.

Secteurs adressés

Fashion, Beauty & Luxury
Banking & Insurance
Mobility, Travel & Hospitality
Healthcare & Wellness
Consulting & Agencies
Data, IT & Cybersec
Food & Beverage
Media, Telco & Entertainement
SAAS & Tech
Cities & Properties

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